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Presented by: Pat Doody, founding partner of WONGDOODY| Dave Currie, President & CMO of The List

Your company’s culture may be one of the most misunderstood and underutilized tools for productivity, workplace engagement and satisfaction. Everyone thinks their company has a culture but few can articulate it, understand how it comes to be and how it can actually be a competitive advantage.

This webinar breaks down what a culture is and isn’t and the ways it can increase productivity. You’ll get the tools to intentionally conceive, install and instill the right culture for your agency. This Webinar examines the role of owners/employers in birthing the culture as well as the role of employees in nurturing it.

Throughout the discussion we will explain and review:

–          the practical definition of culture
–          why cultures are not organic
–          why your culture is not your brand or your company perks
–          how cultures define behavior
–          why cultures should make your company more productive and profitable
–          the commitment it takes to install a killer culture

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