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Resources / FAQs

How many marketing contacts can I access?

Your annual subscription to The List allows you to view an unlimited number of records as you create your own marketing and advertising contact lists. You may view every company and person. We do monitor site activity, to prevent abuse, including watching for excessive downloads and the sharing of logins and passwords. Please read the license agreement for more information.

How clean is The List?

In a word, “very.” We do more than any other information provider that we know of to keep The List as clean and current as possible. We call every company every 120 days to verify who’s there. The information we find today is provided to you right away, so what we know is what you have at your fingertips. In addition, we are constantly adding new company, brand and contact information. We look for the additional, interesting details on people that make The List such a valuable source of new business leads. We also comb the same publications that may be sitting on your desk for additional industry changes. We regularly review online and offline publications such as Advertising AgeAdWeekPRWeekBrandWeek,MediaWeekMediaPostThe New York TimesWall Street Journal and many, many more.

How often is The List updated?

New data such as individual contact, brand, agency and company information is added to The List every hour of every business day. We verify key information at every company every 120 days – more than 1,500 contacts every workday. New information is provided to you no later than the next business day. The frequency of our company-by-company information verification is more than twice that of any other company in the industry.

What geographic regions does The List cover?

The List includes corporate and agency profiles for companies in North America, including the United States and Canada. U.S.-based marketing, advertising, brand and media contacts come with every List subscription. You may add The List Canada to your subscription, or subscribe to it separately.

What do I need to know about email addresses you provide?

Email addresses found on The List are not “opt-in.” We provide incredibly hard-to-find contacts – the ones you most want to reach. Every subscriber to The List must abide by CAN-SPAM regulations.

Can you download information from The List?

Yes. The List has a handy feature that allows you to download any list you create, including advertising and marketing contact lists, as an .xls or .csv file. You can then import that information into your CRM system.

What is DailyVista?

DailyVista is a leading online business news publication that provides marketing and advertising executives with a steady stream of timely and actionable information about the latest moves in the corporate marketing, advertising and media worlds. Covering Fortune 500 companies and up-and-coming entrepreneurs alike, DailyVista reports news with a business development angle across interactive, branding, direct, promotions, social media and general advertising. Daily Vista publishes five days a week, and subscribers are able to access exclusive interviews with top marketers to get the inside scoop on potential new business opportunities.