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Business development teams see exclusive curated advertising, media and marketing sales leads.

(Atlanta, GA) DailyVista’s industry analysts predict national advertising, media and creative account moves in an unprecedented move towards empowering their subscribers with access to exclusive, curated new business opportunities uncovered through specific trigger-points.TLO Login Page Image

See what’s coming, rather than what just passed in the marketing, agency and media world.

“Each day we deliver exclusive insight and actionable new business intelligence on national and emerging brands to our agency, media and ad-tech customers. They rely on our account predictions, forecasts and prospecting triggers; such as key decision makers on the move as a part of their daily lead identification and sales engagement routine,” says Josh Stone, Editor.

The new DailyVista is the latest release from The List’s product development team.

“We have a transformational set of product enhancements and services slated for release this year, and we’re excited to see the overhauled DailyVista in the hands of our customers this month,” said Edie Kirkman, Vice President of Product Management. “The new DailyVista is visually engaging, and now has the ability to be read across web, mobile and tablet platforms.”

And, it’s not just business development and sales teams using the publication.

“The unexpected surprise has been the interest in the publication from the national and emerging brands we cover each day and agency search consultants”, says Dave Currie, Chief Marketing Officer. “Marketing teams are now also subscribing for competitive intelligence and insights on agencies”, he continues.

“Whether you are in the media, ad tech or agency business, DailyVista is the perfect news platform to find new partnerships and insight about top prospects,” said Neil Sharma, Senior Vice President of Media and Product Solutions. “Unlike generic information platforms that waste precious time to search and assess prospective partners, DailyVista’s enhanced platform is easy to read with targeted, exclusive and industry-based content to better support our clients’ sales efforts.”

About DailyVista
DailyVista is a subscription based digital, daily publication of The List.
As the most comprehensive, accurate and widely used resource for agency new business, media sales and advertising technology professionals, The List offers a suite of business development solutions that allow clients to relevantly connect and engage with advertisers and brand owners across North America and the United Kingdom. Through primary research The List creates exclusive, actionable intelligence that allows business development teams to prospect the advertising, media and marketing contacts at their most sought-after companies and brands. 

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