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Identify When and Where Brands are Investing Their Media Dollars with The List’s New Brand Intelligence.

(Atlanta, GA) As a company obsessed with their clients’ success, The List continues to evolve and deliver game-changing prospecting intelligence for agency new business, media sales and advertising technology professionals.

With The List’s product development team tripling in size over the past 6 months, it has been a transformational year for the company as they’ve been able to take their product offering to the next level. The List’s latest enhancement, the inclusion of brand media spend broken out by media category and quarter, now directly sets the company apart from other prospecting resources in the market.

“Incorporating a deeper level of brand insight into our product is something our clients have recently asked for; and with the expansion of our product team, we’ve been able to turn their request into a reality,” said William Boydston, VP of Content Solutions at The List. “Coupling this data with our brand specific detail now offers a more holistic understanding of a brand’s spending behaviors.”

Support is in The List’s DNA; as a client centric organization, the company’s team is constantly taking a pulse on the needs of their clients, allowing The List to deliver one-of-a-kind solutions. With the latest client request coming to fruition, customers now have even greater brand intelligence for targeted business development.

The new detailed information enables teams to quickly identify where brands are investing their media dollars, how it has changed quarter-over-quarter, and how it compares across other categories.

“This is a game changer for our clients; knowing exactly when to reach out to a prospect by now having the ability to see brand-level spending shifts and media planning cycles by quarter,” said Dave Currie, Chief Marketing Officer at The List.

Clients can now easily isolate total spend specific to a targeted brand while also looking at the granular spend details through 20 categories, including cable TV, digital search and display, and national newspaper. The new brand details coupled with The List’s other services, The List and DailyVista will pack a heavier prospecting punch — giving greater clarity on decision makers within the brand and current agency relationships that exist.

As the only resource that seamlessly integrates this level of comprehensive media spend, companies preparing their 2015 budgets in the coming months should consider making room for The List’s unparalleled sales enablement solution.


About The List.
As the most comprehensive, accurate and widely used resource for agency new business, media sales and advertising technology professionals, The List offers a suite of business development solutions that allow clients to relevantly connect and engage with advertisers and brand owners across North America and the United Kingdom. Through primary research The List creates exclusive, actionable intelligence that allows business development teams to prospect the advertising, media and marketing contacts at their most sought-after companies and brands.