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Business development teams undergo CRM and Contact Data spring cleaning exercise with The List.

(Atlanta, GA) The List launches new Data Managed Services division to help business development teams stop chasing dead-ends by undertaking a spring clean of their Advertising, Sponsorship, Media and AdTech lead lists.

“Customers at The List have asked us to create a platform to audit and update their contact leads lists, with the ability to keep them clean through a maintenance program. Now we have,” said Dave Currie CMO of The List.

The List can now audit any new business contact file, detecting and correcting (or removing) corrupt or inaccurate records for brands, agencies and the decision makers within them.

“It’s amazing how quickly a CRM, Contact Database, or Marketing Automation Platform can be filled with out-of-date information on leads, accounts and contacts if not properly maintained. Before undertaking a concerted marketing or proactive business development program, a small investment of time and resources up-front to ensure those leads being pursued are accurate pays dividends in terms of your outcomes.” Dave Currie continued.

Appending cleaned records is a common data cleansing practice. “Not only does The List audit and clean the existing records of a prospecting list, we then append any available field our customer may need from our resourceĀ of over 37,000 national and emerging brands and their agencies. These include brand relationships and job function, job title, validated email address, physical address, direct dial phone and public LinkedIn address,” notes Billy Boydston, Director of Research – The List.

He continues, “New business data integrity for advertising agencies, media properties and publishers is an ongoing challenge, so we include the option for our customers who value accuracy to use our maintenance platform to automatically check and provide updates of changes on scheduled intervals throughout the year.”

Learn more and get a spring clean health-check for your advertising, media or marketing listsĀ here.

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As the most comprehensive, accurate and widely used resource for agency new business, media sales and advertising technology professionals, The List offers a suite of business development solutions that allow clients to relevantly connect and engage with advertisers and brand owners across North America and the United Kingdom. Through primary research The List creates exclusive, actionable intelligence that allows business development teams to prospect the advertising, media and marketing contacts at their most sought-after companies and brands.

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