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(ATLANTA, GA) – April 14th, 2015 –In addition to offering valuable industry updates and timely lead generation opportunities, DailyVista now offers Predictive Analysis – a forecasting tool that identifies agency reviews and significant spending shifts by a brand or company 3-18 months before they happen.

The new forecasting model is based on 16 weighted variables and a 1-100 scoring system that calculates the probability of change within a certain time period. The higher the predictive score, the more likely change will take place in a shorter time period.

For example, a score of 92 puts a brand in the “Review Imminent” stage, meaning that decisions will likely be made within three-to-six months.

“This is a game changer for business development professionals. With an 81 percent success rate to date, the new forecasting tool gives subscribers a distinct advantage over competitors,” said Josh Stone, managing editor for DailyVista. “Teams now have the chance to get a foot in the door with potential clients months before anyone else.”

DailyVista provides the forecasts within a user-friendly index of the top 100 “vulnerable accounts” so that subscribers can quickly identify and act on new opportunities on a daily basis.

“The Vulnerable Account Index has really transformed how our clients prospect. Each day they’re able to login to DailyVista and quickly see which brand opportunities exist (or will likely become available) and plan outreach accordingly,” said Mindy Brown, director of client services. “As a complimentary service for The List, DailyVista gives them the ability to focus on short term leads, but also fill their pipelines with longer term opportunities 9-12 months down the road. Leads they would’ve otherwise never known existed.”

Since the launch of predictive analysis DailyVista, has accurately forecasted 150 account shifts. Here are three examples of major account moves forecasted just this year alone.

Qdoba: DailyVista predicted on 7/6/2014 that Qdoba would hire a new agency by the following summer. The Chipotle challenger hired a strategy and creative AOR in March 2015. 

Wix: DailyVista forecasted on 2/18/14 that the web development platform’s traditional ad spend would skyrocket over previous years, prompting major changes to its agency roster as well. In September, Wix hired its first AOR and shortly after announced it would air its first Super Bowl spot.

Bob Evans Restaurants: DailyVista predicted on 7/11/14 that the casual dining chain would appoint a new agency within six months. In February, Bob Evans announced that a new digital AOR was hired.

Request a demo of DailyVista to access the full Vulnerable Accounts Index and learn which companies and brands will be going into review within the next 12 months.

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