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Top CMOs to Watch for New Business Opportunities

When prospecting for new business, there are many ways to approach decision makers at highly sought after brands. However, the key to effectively engaging top prospects in profitable conversations is knowing when to reach out and why.

One of the best indicators of new opportunities on the horizon is the appointment of a new chief marketing officer. A decision maker shift is the first sign that a company will review agency relationships and likely shake up the marketing strategy by shifting spend and reallocating budgets.

Of course, as you already know, your chances of winning new business with that company increase exponentially if you can get a head start on prospecting before anyone else even knows about it. Lucky for you, our guide will empower you to do just that.

This handy prospecting report provides exclusive sales intelligence on the new CMOs at top national brands, including actionable insight on the best ways to approach and engage these decision makers.

The sooner you act on these profitable prospecting opportunities, the sooner you can start winning more business and driving revenue growth for your company.

Happy prospecting!

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