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New Perspective Communications (NPC) faced many of the same challenges other agencies and media companies experience on a daily basis – creating a consistent flow of new leads. Their business development team was hungry for sales opportunities, however they didn’t have a resource in place to facilitate this need. In 2013, the incoming VP of Business Development, Phyliss Gasteb understood the necessity for such a resource and partnered with longtime and former vendor, The List.

Reduced Prospecting Time

Challenges for NPC

Creating a consistent flow of new sales leads is challenging for business development teams, and time consuming. For NPC, their team had historically relied on traditional tactics for uncovering new opportunities – searching various digital and print publications, filtering through social media channels and using word of mouth. These time intensive techniques took time away from selling, and left the team still needing additional business intel and information. When Phyliss Gasteb joined NPC, one of the first initiatives she had was to identify and implement a platform that could assist her team in uncovering new business opportunities in a consistent and scalable way – ultimately helping them reach their individual and company revenue goals.

Having completed a search for such a resource in past positions, Phyliss knew exactly what NPC needed. A tool that would complement their new business strategy; something that would cut prospecting efforts in half and provide timely, consistent opportunities to the team. Other industry resources claimed to solve her problems, but fell short in comparison to The List’s breadth of solutions – especially their new business publication, DailyVista.

How The List Online and DailyVista empowered NPC’s new business strategy-

DailyVista is a part of my morning routine. And far more motivating than a cup of coffee! What makes DailyVista stand out from any others is the current, in-depth marketing insights and client contact information that is provided on a daily basis. It has reduced my prospecting time in finding key decision makers, informed me of potential opportunities and provided relevant information to open the door. And many doors have been opened!
Phyliss Gasteb, VP of Business Development | New Perspective Communications

After partnering with The List, NPC was able to transform the way they identified and connected with their top prospects. The List’s flagship product, The List Online, coupled with their new business publication, DailyVista, has given Phyliss and her team an effective dual approach when it comes to prospecting.

Not only have they been able to locate hard-to-find contact information through the subscription-based corporate database (The List Online), but DailyVista has taken their intel a step further by providing industry insights and new business forecasts – allowing NPC to make relevant introductions at just the right time.

DailyVista’s team of industry analysts play a pivotal role in providing Phyliss’ team with relevant opportunities, all while saving them an invaluable amount of time and allowing them to get back to doing what they do best – selling! Instead of wasting time combing through hundreds of websites and social media channels to see which brands are making spending shifts or are in need of agency assistance, Phyliss simply logs into DailyVista each morning to get her daily fill of new business opportunities.

The List is the catalyst for prospecting and closing new business at NPC, equipping their business development team with resources that drive new revenue.