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What Marketers Can Learn From "Millennials with Kids" You’re expected to be a source of expertise by both your clients and new business prospects. And for many reading this, an expert on Millennials given their purchasing power and market shifting influence.

There are dozens of marketing books on the shelves today to help your stay connected to Millennial trends and insights ranging from business innovation planning to employee engagement.

So, why should you pick out “Millennials with Kids” as the next one to read? Because this is a marketing book unlike any others you have read before.

Millennials are rapidly becoming the largest generation by population size in the U.S. and data-millennial-parents-hed-2013already, one in four of these millennials are parents.

This book is both informative and entertaining. It paints a clear picture of who millennial parents are today and how their consumer behaviors, attitudes and preferences will affect your brand’s health.

Rooted in deep, analytical research, Jeff Fromm and Marissa Vidler, use behavioral data collected from 40 trillion data points and a survey of 1,000 millennial parents to gain the most accurate and fact-based understanding of how millennial parents are changing our consumer market today.

Some key points to look out for in this book include:

1. Millennial parents are approaching your brand through a pragmatic lens. They want to
know how your brand can help make their lives faster, better, easier, more efficient, etc.

2. The saying it takes a village to raise a kid still stands true today but the millennial village is expanding tenfold as millennial parents look to not only their physical networks, but also their digital communities to crowd source information, learn about new products and post reviews and opinions constantly.

3. Price and convenience will become driving factors in the millennial parent decision-making process. While quality still plays a significant role when it comes to products that affect the well being of their family, price and convenience are the major considerations among millennial parents.

Millennials with Kids - Jeff Fromm, Marissa Vidler4. Creating personalized and customized content that connects with millennial parents on an individual level will be quickest way to earn millennial parent love and loyalty.

5. New brand models like the Brand Atom, Brand Stand and Brand Value Equation will change the way brands and major organizations connect and interact with a generation that expects to be considered a co-create of the brand itself.

Before you think any more about it, get this book before it’s gone!

Understanding the millennial generation is imperative to your client’s success. But, even more than that, is understanding how this generation’s behaviors are changing as they are getting older, settling down and starting families of their own.

The way they interact with brands today will influence the way their children and the future consumers in our economy will navigate the waters of brand/consumer partnerships and relationships.