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Looking for a complete, sortable list of Publicis agencies? You’ve come to the right place!

The table below includes all 134 agencies in the Publicis network so you no longer have to waste time scouring the Internet for the actionable intelligence you need.

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Arc Worldwidefull serviceChicago,
Arc Worldwidefull serviceToronto,
BBHfull serviceNew York,
BBHfull serviceWest Hollywood,!/losangeles
BBH ZagbrandingNew York,
BCPfull serviceMontreal,
Big Fuel Communications, LLCfull-service, social media specialtyNew York,
Burrell Communications Group, Inc. full serviceChicago,
Conill Advertising, Inc.multicultural marketing, Hispanic specialtyEl Segundo,
Conill Advertising, Inc.multicultural marketing, Hispanic specialtyMiami,
Digitas HealthdigitalPhiladelphia,
Digitas HealthdigitalNew York,
DigitasLBidigitalNew York,
DigitasLBIdigitalSan Francisco,
Discovery Chicagofull service, healthcare specialtyChicago,
Discovery USAfull service, healthcare specialtyPhiladelphia,
Fallon Medicafull service, healthcare specialty (medical education)Tinton Falls,
Fallon Minneapolisfull serviceMinneapolis,
Farmhousefull serviceChicago,
Genuine InteractiveinteractiveBoston,
Kekst & Company, Inc.public relations firmNew York,
Lapiz Integrated Hispanic Marketingmulticultural marketing, Hispanic specialty Chicago,
Leo Burnett Businessfull serviceNew York,
Leo Burnett Detroitfull serviceTroy,
Leo Burnett New Yorkfull serviceNew York,
Leo Burnett Torontofull serviceToronto,
Leo Burnett USA / Leo Burnett Worldwidefull serviceChicago,
M&C Saatchifull serviceSanta Monica,
M&C Saatchifull serviceNew York,
Manning Selvage & Leepublic relations, full serviceToronto,
Manning Selvage & Leepublic relations, full serviceLos Angeles,
Martel Et Compagnie Publicitedirect marketingMontreal,
MediaVestmedia buying & planningChicago,
MediaVestmedia buying & planningNew York,
MediaVestmedia buying & planningEl Segundo,
MediaVestmedia buying & planningAtlanta,
MetaDesigndesign firmSan Francisco,
MoxiedigitalLos Angeles,
MoxiedigitalNew York,
MRYinteractive specialtyNew York,
MRYinteractive specialtySan Francisco,
MS&L Atlantapublic relations, full serviceAtlanta,
MS&L Public Relationspublic relations, full serviceChicago,
MSL Detroitpublic relations, full serviceTroy,
MSLGrouppublic relations firmWaltham,
MSLGrouppublic relations, full serviceChicago,
MSLGrouppublic relations, full serviceNew York,
Nuruninteractive specialtySan Francisco,
Optimediamedia buying & planningNew York,
Optimediamedia buying & planningSeattle,
Optimediamedia buying & planningSan Francisco,
Optimediamedia buying & planningIndianapolis,
Optimediamedia planning and buyingPlano,
PBJSexperiential marketingSeattle,
Performicssearch marketingChicago,
Performicssearch marketingNew York,
Publicisfull serviceIndianapolis,
Publicismedia buying & planningPlano,
Publicis Consultants | PRpublic relationsSeattle,
Publicis Dallasfull servicePlano,
Publicis Dialogdirect marketingPlano,
Publicis HawkeyepromotionsVail,
Publicis HawkeyepromotionsDallas,
Publicis HawkeyepromotionsCharlotte,
Publicis Hawkeyefull serviceMinneapolis,
Publicis HawkeyeintegratedBuffalo,
Publicis Healthcare Communications Grouppublic relationsNew York,
Publicis Life Brands Medicusfull service, healthcare specialtyNew York,
Publicis Mid Americafull serviceBoise,
Publicis Modeminteractive / digital / e-marketing, full serviceNew York,
Publicis Montrealfull serviceMontreal,
Publicis North Americafull serviceNew York,
Publicis North Americafull serviceNew York,
Publicis Torontofull serviceToronto,
Publicis Touchpoint Solutionshealthcare specialtyYardley,
Publicis Westfull serviceSeattle,
Razorfishinteractive specialtyNew York,
Razorfishinteractive / digital / emarketingAtlanta,
Razorfishinteractive specialtySan Francisco,
Razorfishinteractive specialtySeattle,
Razorfishinteractive specialtyChicago,
Razorfishinteractive specialtyAtlanta,
Razorfishinteractive specialtyAustin,
Razorfish Healthinteractive specialtyPhiladelphia,
Red Lionfull serviceToronto,
Rineyfull serviceSan Francisco,
ROKKAN, LLCinteractive, full serviceNew York,
Rosettaemarketing / interactive, display advertisingHamilton,
Rosettaemarketing / interactive, display advertisingNew York,
Rosettaemarketing / interactive, display advertisingCleveland,
Rosettaemarketing / interactive, display advertisingSan Luis Obispo,
Rosettaemarketing / interactive, display advertisingEl Segundo,
Rosettaemarketing / interactive, display advertisingNew York,
Rosettaemarketing / interactive, display advertisingChicago,
Saatchi & Saatchifull serviceNew York,
Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angelesfull serviceTorrance,
Saatchi & Saatchi Canadafull serviceToronto,
Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcarefull service, healthcare specialtyNew York,
Saatchi & Saatchi Latin Americafull serviceMiami,
Saatchi & Saatchi Wellnessfull service, healthcare specialtyNew York,
Saatchi & Saatchi Xfull serviceSpringdale,
Saatchi & Saatchi Xfull serviceChicago,
Sapientinteractive, technology specialtyCoconut Grove,
Sapient Corporationbusiness and technology consultancyBoston,
Sapient Corporationinteractive, technology specialtySanta Monica,
SapientNitrofull serviceToronto,
SapientNitrointeractive marketing agencyBirmingham,
SapientNitrofull serviceNew York,
SapientNitrofull serviceChicago,
Schwartz MSLpublic relationsSan Francisco,
SMG Directory Marketingdirectory marketingChicago ,
SMG Searchsearch marketing, search engine optimizationChicago,
Spark SMGfull service, media specialtyChicago,
Starcom MediaVest Groupmedia buying & planningNorth Hollywood,
Starcom MediaVest Groupmedia buying & planningDetroit,
Starcom MediaVest Groupmedia buying & planningToronto,
Starcom MediaVest Groupmedia buying & planningNew York,
Starcom MediaVest Worldwidemedia buying & planningChicago,
Starcom Miamimedia buying & planningCoral Gables,
Tapestrymulticultural media buying & planningChicago,
Team One Advertisingfull serviceLos Angeles,
Winner & Associatesmarket researchLos Angeles,
ZenithOptimediamedia servicesSan Francisco,
ZenithOptimediamedia buying & planningNew York,
ZenithOptimediamedia buying & planningLos Angeles,
ZenithOptimediamedia servicesAtlanta,
ZenithOptimediamedia servicesChicago,
ZenithOptimediamedia buying & planningDenver,
ZenithOptimedia Canadamedia servicesToronto,

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