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Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. That’s why every month we take a minute to look at what brands our subscribers are checking on because when one brand changes things up – either with their agency roster or their internal senior marketers – others follow suit.

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After adding Karlin Linhardt as SVP of marketing for North America, Joe Tripodi, Subway’s CMO, said he’d be an “impact player as we transform Subway at every consumer touchpoint in North America.” But it’s not like the brand’s been standing still. In the past year alone it’s added a new logo, brand positioning, tagline, a new digital team and the ability to order your sandwich through Facebook Messenger. And oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, obviously.

So where are the opportunities? In October MMB was handed the brand’s creative, so it might be safe – or it might not have the kind of deep ties that could make them hard to jettison; it’s just a matter of perspective.

Subway is the 800lb gorilla of the made to order sandwich world, spending upwards of $400 million on its media. If you add together the media spend for competitors like Quizno’s, Jimmy John’s, Jersey Mike’s, Firehouse Subs, Panera Bread and even Potbelly (for you New Yorkers), you get about $265 million. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of potential in those smaller gorillas.

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It might have been news that Sprite’s TropicBerry flavor will be added to McDonalds’ menus in July that got our users checking out the soft drink’s profile. Or it might have been that an obsessed Drake fan broke into his house and drank his Sprite.

But most likely it was the combination of two pieces of news. First, Coke created a new chief digital marketing officer position, and then Global CMO Marcos deQuinto announced his retirement from the company. In the controlled chaos that marks major transitions like this, there may be other casualties, and other new positions.

Sprite accounts for around $30 million of The Cocoa-Cola Company’s $500 million in media spending. If your view of the sector includes Dr. Pepper Snapple, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, those companies spend $1.4 billion – so while Sprite’s just a drop in the bucket, it’s an enormous bucket filled with soda (seriously, it’s more than $4 for every man, woman and child in America). And if other companies follow Coke into putting digital first, those dollars may switch away from TV and into innovative digital tactics.

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American Airlines

April was a month of extremes for airline carriers. On the one hand we have American, which announced pay raises for its flight crews. It was a move that helps with retention, builds employee loyalty and gives them more money in their pocket to spend on goods and services that keep the economy rolling. Not to mention happy employees are more likely to give better customer service, which is good for the airline, right? Wrong, according to Wall Street.

On the other hand was United’s much-publicized passenger assault; which if you haven’t heard about it by now, we can’t help you, but we hope you enjoyed your visit to outer space (which you probably did if you didn’t fly United).

American also decided to end its partnership to operate charter flights for six NFL teams, but will keep three teams that are located in American hubs.

While United may well be moving budget from advertising to crisis public relations, media spend among United, American, Delta, SouthWest, Delta, SouthWest and JetBlue has topped $150 million, which means there might be dollars in play for the end of the year when Thanksgiving and holiday season travelers need those reminders to choose one carrier over the rest.

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