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How to Shine a Light on Abundant Mobile Opportunities

DailyVista Mobile Digital Marketing Leads

Through reviewing a number of recent DailyVista leads, it’s become strikingly clear how abundant mobile opportunities continue to be for those digital agencies and adtech companies with expertise in  the space. There’s a battle raging out there in a number of industry sectors, with Real Estate debatably one of the most fierce.

Zillow, Trulia,’s, and Redfin are but a few in the space who have been making significant investments in their mobile platforms, native advertising and user acquisition campaigns in recent months.

It would appear that in this battle for market domination,  the Mobile Real Estate company with the best mobile platform will be the one that gains mass-market adoption to win over total market share for the long run. Who will survive? How can you help the challenger brands come through from behind to win?

Here’s a recent article from DailyVista that shines a light on the Mobile App Real Estate market that you may find of interest.

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DailyVista Mobile Marketing Leads:

How Trulia’s first national campaign will target women, ramp up mobile, opportunities exist across online real estate.

Trulia DailyVista LeadOnline real estate company Trulia’s first national campaign will focus on college-educated women ages 25-to-44 years old, according to comments by new CMO Kira Wampler during the company’s first investor and analyst day.

Trulia’s $45 million campaign will focus so heavily on females because 66% of the site’s visitors are women, but it will go further than just driving awareness, though that is a secondary goal. Trulia wants to attract a higher rate of “transaction-ready” consumers to its site and revamped mobile apps for iOS and Android. Trulia’s first national ad campaign, by Interpublic’s Draftfcb, San Francisco (its first AOR), will include national TV buys, radio and outdoor, with the goal of driving increases in app users, repeat visitors, lead volume, subscribers and revenue.

With the campaign only weeks away, I’d certainly expect buys to be set already, but keep your eyes open for supplemental and digital opportunities. Mobile has become a crucial part of the online real estate business, and the winner here will take the top spot in the industry. Zillow, Trulia,, and Redfin are also increasing spend and making a mobile a huge priority, so ad-tech and mobile marketers should take notice across the board.

What to Watch for at Competitors:

Zillow: It’s also going after “transaction ready” consumers with a new $65 million multichannel campaign. Mobile will be a large part of Zillow’s future investments this year, as well, because the company gets about two-thirds of usage via mobile. (parent of Move is doubling consumer marketing spend for this year to stay top-of-mind in this highly competitive industry. According to CEO Steve Berkowitz, additional spend will support’s “Find it, See it, Get it First” brand campaign, which launched in March 2013. It portrays the portal’s timeliness, accuracy and completeness over competitors like Zillow and Trulia. The “eBay for real estate” platform just hired former Webex CMO David Thompson as its chief marketer to take its technology marketing to the next level. The hire comes after received $50 million from Google Capital (Auction’s first infusion of venture capital) that will partly go towards mobile development and marketing. Google’s mobile expertise will be a huge boost for’s ability to better engage customers in an industry shifting towards making deals on smartphones and tablets. The company just launched an iPad app so it plenty of room to grow.

Redfin: The online realtor is the smallest of the four, and like, it’s a bit different than, Trulia and Zillow. Redfin, functioning more like a traditional real estate company, combines technology and home listings data with its own broker personnel to make the home buying and selling process easier for consumers versus serving solely as a data and connection portal.

Still, it’s in the process of making major developments within marketing, advertising and product development this year. Redfin, which has already raised almost $100 million, is in the midst of hiring a VP of branding and advertising after parting ways with CMO Tom Vogl, VP of Marketing Matt Goyer and VP of Product Bryan Selner. According to the job post, TV ads could be on the way (which would be the site’s first TV ad push) because Redfin seeks a candidate who would “launch large-scale advertising campaigns on television and other media to bring a new brand to the mass market.”

Furthermore, we expect that Redfin may raise marketing spend to fund additional direct mail campaigns after finding success in Seattle and Washington D.C.

Current AOR – Creative – DraftFCB

Article by: Josh Stone – DailyVista

 About Trulia

Trulia is an online residential real estate site for home buyers, sellers, renters and real estate professionals. It lists properties for sale and rent as well as neighborhood information and community insights.

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 Key Marketing Executives: 

Get contact information for those listed and all Marketing, Mobile and Digital Contacts for Trulia here.

Kira Wampler – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Trulia

Daniel Farnedi – Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Trulia

Micky Onvural – Senior Director, Consumer Marketing at Trulia

Katie Wickham Daire – Director Consumer Marketing at Trulia

Lee Clancy – Vice President Consumer Products at Trulia

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