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DailyVista is a tool that we use at Leavine Family Racing (LFR) to gain an advantage when seeking sponsors and business partners for our NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team.

With NASCAR being such a competitive platform for national marketers, both on and off track, our number one goal is to place ourselves in front of decision makers on a daily basis. We have found much more success using DailyVista and The List to find partners with similar values and goals that sync with our driver and race team.

The largest hurdle for our sales team is being able to show how a NASCAR sponsorship can be effective for almost any brand. These tools have allowed our team to be more strategic in finding prospective partners who want the type of sponsorship platform that we can provide.

LFR utilizes DailyVista as a primary source of industry news to evoke creativity in our sponsor search and outreach strategy. Our primary use of The List is to sort through the company contacts to find the best point of contact that we can speak with.

Our team is creative and innovative — offering programs that align with our partners’ goals to maximize exposure and growth on both sides.

In NASCAR, the brands that garner strong fan support and fan interaction are those that align directly with race teams and drivers.

Both The List and DailyVista are a crucial part of our program and offer us an upper hand on narrowing our search, which allows us to be creative right out of the gate.

A keyword for both platforms would be “streamline” as they allow us to focus on providing value to each company we reach out to minimizing the clutter of brands that are not a fit for LFR and our stakeholders.

Leavine Family Racing connects brands to the passionate fans and excitement of NASCAR racing and we can proudly say one of the best tools in our toolbox is DailyVista.

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If you are interested in further information or interested in placing your brand with LFR, contact:

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