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5 Tools to Boost B2B Sales

B2B sales professionals are pressed for time. They must build consensus with more decision-makers compared to their B2C counterparts, and often face longer, more complex sales cycles as a result. That’s just one of the reasons why today’s B2B sales and marketing teams are looking for tools that can help yield better sales outcomes while adding a few hours back into their day. 

The problem is that evaluating all of those tools and technologies can take even more of what B2B sales professionals don’t have – time.

Having worked alongside some of the most successful new business teams in North America, we’ve seen which sales tools are having the greatest impact on productivity. Based on our experience, here are five top tools that can save time by shortening the sales cycle, automating manual tasks, and eliminating time wasted on unqualified leads.

Tool: SalesLoft | Time-Saving Benefit: Semi-Automated Sales Outreach

The team here at List Partners Inc. gives this tool in particular a major thumbs up, with one of our sales directors affirming: “Salesloft has changed my life.” The biggest benefit for new business professionals is sending out more emails, more effectively, in less time. SalesLoft users can create a series of actions to engage a target prospect, customize their email outreach, and even automatically populate fields through email-CRM integration. The added ability to track activity, opens, bounces and responses in one place is a big plus as well.

Tool: Winmo | Time-Saving Benefit: Account Alerts

In addition to allowing users to find contact information for brand and agency decision-makers, Winmo allows B2B sales professionals to set up alerts on accounts of interest. The alerts trigger real time emails when brands, companies or agencies they follow have changes, allowing sales teams to quickly react and keep up with new decision-makers, account shifts and other movement, without having to scour through trade publications.

Tool: Calendly | Time-Saving Benefit: Calendar Management

How many times have you emailed a prospect asking: “shoot over a few times that work” only to be a) totally ignored as they try to coordinate schedules, or b) caught in a back-and-forth of scheduling conflicts? Calendly solves this problem beautifully, by pulling your availability from your Gmail or Outlook calendar, and creating a link through which prospects can book appointments. In fact, many sales professionals include their Calendly link right in their email signature.

Tool: Crystal (aka Crystal Knows) | Time-Saving Benefit: Knowing Your Prospect’s Communication Style

You may have heard a little buzz about this “personality insights” provider, but wondered: “how can that help with B2B sales prospecting?” While Crystal cannot tell you a prospect’s email address or phone number, it can give you recommendations on how to engage them, with tips ranging from how to win their trust to what phrases and language will resonate. How is that possible? According to the website: “Crystal provides predicted personality profiles based on analysis of social media information and other public data, as well as self and peer assessments taken on” Signing up is free, and many sales professionals swear by this information as a way to tailor communication and increase response rates.

Tool: Contactually | Time-Saving Benefit: Outreach Reminders

There’s nothing more important to a B2B sales or account management team than their relationships. Like plants, relationships need to be nurtured, cared for on a consistent basis, and if you fail to make consistent communication, well, if you’ve ever had a plant, or a lead you forgot to follow up with, you know how that story ends. Contactually creates customized outreach reminders based on parameters you’ve set, guiding you to stay on top of the 12+ touch points often needed before a B2B sales conversion can take place.


Are we missing out on any tools that boost your B2B sales productivity? Tell us!