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Most months, we give you a glimpse of what the most-searched brands, parent companies or agencies have been in our sales intelligence platforms. Those snapshots are good, but what if you want to know what’s been hot over a longer period? This month, we’re sharing the five brands that were getting some interest in July but tons of interest in August.

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Milk PEP

July Search Rank #82 | August Search Rank #32

The Rio Olympic Games were the perfect vehicle for Milk PEP’s messaging about the health benefits of dairy. From sponsoring individual athletes to national ads, its current multi-year deal with the US Olympic Committee is the biggest sponsorship commitment Milk PEP has ever undertaken. Recent research has also shown that milk is one of the most under-leveraged profit drivers for grocery stores, which means the dairy aisle is looking good for a shake-up as retailers look to maximize sales.


July Search Rank #66 | August Search Rank #24

You’d be forgiven for thinking there’s an odor in the air around Procter and Gamble’s Gillette brands that can’t be masked by any deodorant. August has seen the Gillette Deodorant brand face the prospect of going up against former P&G stablemate, Tag Body Spray, which is set for a relaunch under new owner, My Import USA. Add to that another forecast of indifferent earnings and a lawsuit filed against Schick for allegedly falsely advertising that its triple-blade brand was “as good or better” than Gillette’s Mach3, and it really feels like death by a thousand cuts for Gillette.

Jamba Juice

July Search Rank #57 | August Search Rank #19

Despite posting losses in Q2 (mostly from franchising 179 formerly company-owned stores), Jamba Juice saw same-store sales rise 4.2 percent. In mid-August it announced a new protein smoothie line, presumably in an effort to jump onto the crossfit bandwagon and get its revenues jacked and swole. Though for that particular market, creatives and advertisers are going to have to hit the gym early to beat Organic Valley’s award-winning Save the Bros campaign.

International Dairy Queen

July Search Rank #49 | August Search Rank #15

It took a little searching to find out what might have triggered a run on DQ (and it wasn’t the promise of free Oreo Blizzards). The Minneapolis-based QSR chain announced it will be opening 24 restaurants in 5 countries throughout the Caribbean, which likely opens the door to some local media in the region over the next five years.


July Search Rank #93 | August Search Rank #39

August saw the humble (and not-so-humble) Jeep turn 75 years old, complete with a party in Toledo, Ohio. It’s likely that The List Online and Winmo customers were trying to drive some sponsorship opportunities at the event, or connecting to the Chrysler brand for other birthday celebrations it might be planning.

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