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84percent of agency new business growth

Now in its fourth year, the Mirren/RSW New Business Tools Report has released its 2016 findings, and for our group of brands – it’s a BIG win!

Taking the top spot, The List led the pack with 84% of agencies using the prospect list building software over other prospecting tools such as LinkedIn, Hoovers, and Access Confidential.

A must-read resource for anyone involved in agency new business, this annual study surveys agency executives on the effectiveness of a wide variety of tools used to support and grow their businesses. Not only highlighting the platforms most widely used, the report also measures their effectiveness in driving results for agencies.

Compared to 2014, 9% more agencies are investing in list building tools to grow their businesses. What does this tell us? That more and more agency executives are recognizing how important a targeted, well-built list is to their new business program. And, the realization that ongoing list-building is a full-time job, and not one they’d prefer to bring in-house.

With more than 70% of respondents reporting that they added a new tool or service this year, it’s no surprise our newest sales intelligence platform, Winmo, made the cut. In fact, respondents ranked Winmo third in their overall top five tools. Other legacy brands, DailyVista and AdDataExpress were also highlighted as go-to resources for driving agency growth.

To get the full study and learn about other popular tools being used for Social Media, SEO, Content Development and Web Conferencing Software, download the 2016 Mirren/RSW New Business Tools Report.