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Even the best products and services don’t sell themselves. They must be marketed properly, and the prowess of your sales team has a profound effect on your clients’ satisfaction. With ongoing sales training, you’ll be able to better grow your customer base, hold onto talent, and otherwise bolster the success of not only your business, but also the businesses that work with you.

Sales Team Training

At List Partners, Inc., we’re constantly investing in our sales team and have seen first-hand the direct results it provides to the growth of our business. That being said, when investing in your team – consider these five advantages:

  1. Talking the Talk – Understanding your clients’ vocabulary can enhance your sales team’s ability to connect with their prospects and clients on a deeper level. By investing in a more meaningful relationship, your prospects will feel like they are being talked to as peers, rather than as a sale.

Each client base has different needs, wants, and ways of talking about their problems. A prospect can quickly hear the difference from a sales professional who truly understands their industry, and one that is purely pushing a product. Get your team to know their industry inside and out.

  1. Best Practices – Assuming that sales people always stick to best practices is foolhardy. Developing a consistent training schedule empowers your team to keep those strategies front of mind and continuing practicing key techniques that drive success. It also helps the team avoid slipping into bad habits, asking incorrect questions, or missing opportunities to build real relationships with their prospects.

Not every sales opportunity is a perfect lay-up, and that’s why it’s important to have a group of your peers to lean on for best practices when those challenging prospects come forward.

Knowing ahead of time that not every prospect is going to be a perfect fit, and being armed with that knowledge, allows the team to have more candid conversations on the front end, ultimately saving the prospect time and preventing your sales reps from forcing a product on someone who doesn’t have a need.

  1. Improved Understanding of Products and Services – It’s easier to close sales when you know a product or service inside and out. Sales training educates reps about the products and services that they represent, ensuring that they are able to highlight the most applicable features and help prospects understand why these products or services will help grow their

If you visited your Doctor for a cold and he prescribed Tylenol, and then you visited him 3 weeks later for a broken leg and he prescribed Tylenol again…you might not trust him. Is that the only medicine he uses? Is he invested in Tylenol? Why does he want me to use Tylenol so badly? Your sales reps should not feel like they always have to prescribe “Tylenol.”

In fact, sometimes it may be best to recommend a smaller service or even a competitor – but a good sales person can’t do that unless they truly understand their service, and the problems it solves for each client.

  1. Improved Ability to Retain Top Talent – Your top sales performers are looking for growth. Growth not only in their income, but also in their personal and professional development. By continuing their education, you’re ensuring that they grow not only in their abilities as a sales person, but also expanding their opportunities to grow within the company as well.

Some sales reps look for management opportunities, while others are looking to make more complicated, larger sales. Continuing education allows you to interact with your entire team and learn more about their strengths and weaknesses, along with their aspirations for the future. Understanding your reps better during this process means they will want to stick with the company as it grows.

  1. Better Forecasting – Sales training teaches reps how to establish realistic sales goals, and more importantly how to attain those goals. A sales rep who truly understands the sales process, knows exactly what it takes to bring a new client on board, and can better forecast for themselves (and management) what they will produce each month.

The benefits of better forecasting are far reaching within the company, but there is also a huge benefit for the client as well. Client’s no longer have to deal with the “desperate” sales rep that continuously pushes a bad fit on them because they have to reach their month end quota. Educated reps understand their pipeline forecast and know ahead of each month exactly how many sales opportunities they truly have. The comfort this knowledge brings allows a rep to put the client’s interests first and ensure a proper sales fit.

The above benefits are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the positive impact that sales training has for even the most seasoned sales reps. We all need practice and education consistently, otherwise it can be easy to fall into bad habits or lazy ways. Regardless of the size of your business or your overall goals, investing in ongoing sales training produces happier clients, better sales reps, and increased sales.

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