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Todd Knutson – Chairman

“At its core, this is a relationship business. All the data in the world won’t change that. That’s why the value of what we provide hinges on the work our people put into gathering, analyzing and interpreting the sales intelligence we provide. Our success, and our motivation, is revealing opportunities that enable our clients to win. That means building a resource that is both deep and wide. Our niche is larger companies in the advertising, media and technology markets. Our commitment is to verify every piece of contact information at least once every 120 days so what you get is accurate, informative, and actionable. No other marketing resource invests the kind of professional sales insights we do in making sure our clients make more efficient use of their time winning more business.”

Dave Currie – CEO

Dave has helped build List Partners Inc., and its professional services divisions into one of world’s most comprehensive and widely used business development firms for advertising, media, and sponsorship professionals looking to grow through new business.

His team of expert market advisors empower their customers through research, sales intelligence and technology to more relevantly connect, engage and build new business relationships with brand owners, publishers, adtech, sponsors and agencies.

With thousands of clients in company’s respective markets, Dave’s unique perspective on the latest moves between brands, publishers, agencies and properties is highly sought after for consulting, thought leadership and speaking engagements.

An active member of Vistage International, Dave is a strong believer in lifetime learning, collaborating with a diverse range of CEO’s and industry thought leaders across industries on a monthly basis.



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