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Mirren Summit Contact Cheatsheet

Mirren Summit Contact Cheatsheet The Mirren Summit on Media Innovation is halfway through, and I’m sure you are going to want to connect with some of the speakers you’ve seen. I’m scheduled to speak on Wednesday afternoon, and it struck me that catching up with speakers after a...

July’s Most-Searched Brands

July’s Most-Searched Brands

Politics, Pokemon Go and everything automobile related were the most popular brand searches in July. Each month, thousands of agencies, media sellers and advertising technology firms use our sales intelligence to research and connect with their highest value prospects, and their activity gives us a real-time glimpse into the brands sparking our users’ interest.

Top Independent Media Agencies

Looking for a list of media agencies not under the roof of a major holding company, but still holding major client ad spend? Using the smart filters in our latest intelligence platform, Winmo, we’ve compiled a list of (mostly) independent media planning and buying shops that handled at least $1 million in media spending over the past year.