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Todd Knutson - CEO

“At its core, this is a relationship business. All the data in the world won’t change that. That’s why the value of what we provide hinges on the work our people put into building, maintaining, and updating our information. Our success, and our motivation, is revealing opportunities that enable our clients to win. That means building a resource that is both deep and wide. Our niche is larger companies that buy marketing services. Our commitment is to verify every piece of contact information at least once every 120 days so what you get is accurate, informative, and actionable. No other marketing database invests the kind of personal resources we do in making sure our clients make more efficient use of their time winning more business.”

Dave Currie - CMO

Responsible for creating and implementing the company’s marketing and sales programs, improving the company’s brand recognition and reputation, as well as hiring, training and developing the sales, marketing and client retention teams.

Dave brings a global perspective of both the corporate and agency worlds, having worked for, represented and consulted with leading global and national agencies, advertisers and brands.

A graduate of The University of Newcastle, Australia and is an avid outdoorsman. A native New South Welshman, he relocated with Catapult New Business from London to Atlanta in 2005 with his wife Tracy, and subsequently joined The List in 2011.

To see more about how we think about new business development, please visit his blog, New Business Intel.