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Better Prospecting Starts with Knowing When and Why to Reach Out

Gain a clear understanding of when and why you should be approaching a company or brand.

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Helping you navigate to new sales opportunities.

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Seamless Integration with SalesForce

Save time with The List - easily transfer important prospecting data into your SalesForce account and monitor your new business milestones.

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Energize your prospecting, engage more decision makers and generate more revenue.

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What We Do

The List helps you quickly identify and engage the most relevant advertising, media and marketing decision makers at your most sought-after brands and their respective agencies.

Who Uses Us

Agency Business Development, Media Sales, Sponsorship and Advertising Technology teams use The List daily to generate new sales leads, and strengthen brand and agency relationships.

Improve Your Lead Quality

Enhance your effectiveness with The List. Get immediate access to Company, Brand and Agency profiles, their relationships, detailed media spend figures and relevant decision makers.

Navigate to New Sales Opportunities

Looking for marketing, advertising and media decision makers? As the most comprehensive, accurate and widely used lead generation resource for business development professionals, The List’s products and services help you locate new sales opportunities in seconds.

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125,000+ marketing decision makers
36,000+ top spending national brands
10,000+ agencies
120-day data verification cycle

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